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Mill Roll Stand
Product ID MR80
1.          The Effective Paper Width:1600 mm.
2.          The Max. Paper Roll Diameter:1500 mm.
3.          Use hydraulic device for arms operation to control their swim up and down.
4.          Motorized operation individually in both directions is adopted. Each arm is equipped with hydraulic cylinder for holding paper and doing left or right adjustment. Each arm set has push button and magnetic switch.
5.          With 4 sets of pneumatic brake and control paper tension manually. If the Splicer is additional installed paper tension could be controlled automatically.
6.          With 2 PCs of hydraulic cylinders with diameter Æ100×70 KG/cm² to control movement up and down. With 4 PCs of hydraulic cylinders with diameter Æ63×70 KG/cm² for lateral movement.
7.          With 1 set of 5HP hydraulic pump unit.
8.          The mill carrier is not included in this equipment.

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