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Motorized Slitter & Scorer
Product ID SS50R-1.6

1. The Max. Paper Width:1600 mm.

2. The Max. Machine Speed:150 M/min.

3. Main Power:7.5 HP AC motor with inverter.

4. The Min. Slitting Distance:125 mm.

5. The Min. Scoring Distance:125 mm.

6. Slitting Knife:5 pcs of knife (Middle Knife Fixed).

7. Scoring Wheel:6 sets of wheel.

8. Paperboard Segmentation:3 pcs.

9. O. D. of Slitter Knife:260 mm.

10. O. D. of Scorer Wheel:207 mm.

11. The machine can move left or right with the paper depends on the request, the range of left-right movement:75 mm.

12. The machine movement is driven by A.C. gear reducer.

13. The main shaft for slitter knife and scorer wheel, the surface is grinding and chrome plated processing.

14. Scoring & slitting seat movement is adjusted by the ball screw. The dimension moved fast and accuracy. Setting time will be less than 15 seconds.

15. The machine is not including the trim blower unit.

16. The driving system of the equipment synchronized with the belt drive unit, following the belt drive unit to increase or decrease speed.

17. Each set of knife is equipped with one set of grinder. The time of the knife grinding could be set according to the user’s requirement.

18. Depends the requirement of the scoring depth that could be adjusted by motorized.

19. Scoring & slitting seats up and down is controlled by cylinder with independent scoring wheel & slitter knife.

20. The entrance for the waste paper that is equipped with the motorized adjusting device.

21. The setting precision gauge within 1mm.

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