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Single-Knife Cutter
Product ID CT10
1.     Cutting length from 400mm to 1500mm by motorized operating within ±3mm precision. With 1 unit of 3 HP VS motor and 2 units of 1/10HP gear reducer.
2.     2 PCs of knife rolls, lower knife is fixed and the upper one is rotary operation. The diameters of rolls are Æ154 mm.
3.     The cutting length is motorized adjust by PIV Step-less Speed Regulator.
4.     Digital display for cutting length;Sheet counter and match with alarm.
5.     3 sets of slitting knife and returned sheets collecting unit are controlled and adjusted easily.
6.     With simple stacker for one way or two ways to deliver the single face sheets out.
7.     Slitting width controlled by manual.

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