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Auto Splicer
Product ID SP60
1.     Suitable for hydraulic Mill Roll Stand.
2.     The Max. Paper Diameter:1500 mm.
3.     Mill Roll Stand needs to be equipped with 4 PCs of air brakes in order to control tension of the raw paper that runs into Single Facer or Glue Station. (The splicer excludes brakes.)
4.     According to the movement of dancing roll to detect the change of paper tension and manipulate the necessary brake volume for the paper roll in production to keep stable tension on paper.
5.     Through electric pneumatic converter to control brake volume of the brake.
6.     Dual splice carrier holds the function of the high efficiency on splicing as well as papers width stability.
7.     Use PLC unit for simple and easy maintenance.
8.     Max. splicing linear speed:120M/min.
9.     Paper specification
(1)   Basis weight for splicing paper:115 g/m2 to 300 g/m2.
(2)   Tensile Strength:No less than 4.6 kg/cm2.

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