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Suction Brake Stand
Product ID SB40
1.        The Max. Effective Paper Width:1600mm.
2.        Equipped with 2 PCs of 2HP vacuum pump to control the paper tension. The vacuum amount could be adjusted depends on the paper material. Suction plate non-touch flute tip to decrease the flute formed、incorrect and avoid the glue pattern increasing.
3.      Depend on the paper material and machine speed the paper tension adjusted by motorized to control the brake.
4.        Equipped 2 PCs of 1/8 hp reduction motor for right-left movement, to control the edge position align accuracy and easily by motorized.
5.      Equipped with 6 PCs of guide roll that diameter is Æ100mm.
6.      The construction of vacuum plate in special designed that would be wear-resisting、smooth、soft, the cardboard quality is guaranteed.
7.      Equipped with two sets control box. One is fixed on the frame of suction brake and another is fixed on the side of double facer control panel.

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